Three happy fairies flew through the crack in the garden to play on the trampoline.

Zaira bounced high up into the air. 

What a pretty blue the sky is,” she said.

And what pretty, white clouds on the ground," said Amber.

"Clouds don't go on the ground," said Chantal.

"Those clouds do," Amber answered. "Look."

The three fairies looked, and, sure enough, there were fluffy, white clouds sleeping on the ground.

 They shouldn't be doing that,” said Chantal. "Why aren't they in the sky?"

"Let's go see," Zaira cried, and zoomed away across the yard.

Three curious fairies flew across the garden to the fluffy white clouds glinting in the sun.

They smell pretty,” Amber said, touching them.

Like sunlight on a clothes line,” Zaira added.

"But they shouldn't be on the ground," Chantal said. Chantal shook her wand at the sleeping clouds. "You naughty clouds," she told them. "Wake up and go back to the sky."

The sleeping clouds did not wake up. 

"Maybe it's their day off," Amber said.

"Maybe it's the sky's day to be pure blue," said Zaira. Zaira had blue wings. She liked the color blue.

"They feel nice, too," said Amber. She scooped up bits of cloud in her hands and tried to make it into a ball. "And you can see they've been playing with the children's toys."

The children had been playing at washing their toys and left them to dry in the sun while they had their lunch. Bits of cloud were on each of the dolls and trucks and even the teddy.

What a happy garden,” Zaira cried to the others. “Even the clouds come to visit.”

Three gleeful fairies played with the clouds. They made fairy castles as high as their arms could reach. They put fluffy dots on their arms, they made wet lines on their legs, and threw soapy balls at each other. Dancing and ducking, they laughed so much they could barely fly.

Later, when the Big People looked out, they said, “What a pretty mess those suds have made on the garden.”


For the Magicians: Playing with suds is some of the best fun. Suds can be made with soap flakes, or cheap shaving cream, and the children can build, finger paint, wash their toys, or whatever they like. It's magic!


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