Three little faires, pink, blue, green, 
popped into the garden 
but were not seen.

Look there!”
What's that?”
There are bubbles in the air.”

Bubbles in the garden, 
bubbles on the grass, 
bubbles floating in the sky, 
way up high.

Look there!”
What's that?”
There are children playing here.”

Children chasing bubbles, 
children laughing hard, 
children reaching for the bubbles
way up high.

Watch this!”
Look out!”
It's magic time for them.”

The fairy wand is waving, 
the fairy dust is bright. 
Fairy dust helps children jump
way up high.


For the magicians:

Blowing bubbles is fun. A way to make art using bubbles is to put some water into a tray with a bit of detergent and some food coloring or paint powder, get a straw, and blow, blow, blow! When there are pretty bubbles in the tray, drop a piece of paper on top and then lift it up again. Now you'll have bubble patterns on the paper.


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