Fairy Joy and Jam

One day a fairy jumped through the crack into the garden. She wore a  jaunty jacket and her eyes twinkled brightly. She jumped into a tree, and heard a jingle jangle in the breeze. The jingle jangle made her jump. She jumped into some jam.

The jam was in a jar.

"Help, I'm stuck." She waved a fairy hand. "Help. The jam is yummy but I'm stuck."

"Yes, it's yummy," said a jay, who tried a bit and flew away. He flew into some jasmine and stopped to eye the jar. "You should jerk and flap your wings. You should jump and fly away. Just like this. Just flap your wings."

The fairy tried but she was stuck.

"This jam is soft like jelly, but it's sticky and I'm stuck. Can someone help me, this is yummy but it's sticky and I'm stuck."

"You should jig and jiggle," said a joker of a cat. "A jump and jiggle is the thing that will jerk you from the jar. Yes, the jam is yummy but you need to jump out fast."

The fairy gave a giggle and she tried to dance a jig. She waved her jaunty hands but her feet were stuck in jam.

"Help," she said. "This jam is very yummy but it's sticky and I'm stuck."

"Yes it's yummy," said a dog. He was a Jack-Russell terrier. "It's sticky, sweet and yummy, and the jar is jumbo sized. How about we knock it down, how about you jump right out?"

So the fairy jumped on out. She jigged and jumped and flew. She flew into a jack-'o-lantern and giggled there some more.

"Yes, the jam was very yummy, and you all have tried a bit. Thank you, it's all gone now, and I am out of it."

Jj Jj Jj Jj Jj Jj Jj Jj Jj Jj Jj Jj Jj Jj

Fairies at the Beach

Three little fairies popped through the crack from Fairyland. One wore pink sparkles and held a glittering wand. Her name was Chantal, and she lead the way.

"This is not our garden," she said. "Where is the trampoline? Where is the camellia bush?"

"We're at the beach," Zaira exclaimed. "It's almost as good as a trampoline." Zaira was the blue fairy. She had big, graceful blue wings. "Look at all the sand! Look at all the waves! Hiya!"she cried in glee.

"Look," said Lucy. She was a golden fairy. "See the sun going down."

The sea was very big. They looked out across the waves and saw the sun. It looked like a big gold and orange ball going down. It made the sky red and gold and mauve around it. The sea was blue, but some of it was gold.

Drops of splashing water looked pink and gold.

"Look at the children playing," Zaira said.

Little children ran into the water. Then they squealed with laughter and ran away from the waves. The waves chased them up the beach.

"But we are so tiny," Chantal said. "How can we play that?"

"We fly," Zaira cried.

The blue fairy flew above the waves. She swooped down close, but before the waves could reach up and grab her, she flapped her wings and went straight up. The water could not reach her. She laughed.

"Let's do it again!"

All three fairies played with the waves. Chantal waved her magic wand, and even the sand began to glitter as the sun went down.

"Look," the grown ups said. "It's like the sea is laughing."

Funny Witch